Best way to create rule for calendar invites

  • 12 April 2024
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Hi, I have a rule setup that says when an individual gets an email it should be moved to a shared inbox. I want to set the rule that says not to move calendar invites sent to the individual. 

I have tried a rule to say if the header contains Exchange-Calendar then to notify the inbox owner and stop processing any other rules. I had this set up as rule number 1 but it still went to rule number 2 and sent to the shared mailbox. 


I am probably looking at the wrong header section but is there a better or correct way to set a rule against a calendar invite?


Best answer by dean_gallagher 15 April 2024, 16:19

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2 replies


Hi benanderson,


Dean from Front’s support team here 👋


I think leveraging dynamic variables here could solve your issue. 


A rule like below should work to identify if the email contains x-ms-exchange-calendar-originator-id in the headers.  



Can you try setting this up on your end to see if this works for you?


Please let us know 😃


All the best,


Thanks Dean I will look into this