• 2 October 2023
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Im trying to run reports to see all emails completed by my team. When I go to team performance, its only showing my information. How do I get it to show my teams performance and not just my own? 


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Hi Lauren, 


Thank you for your question! 😊 Seeing your team’s metrics in Analytics requires Workspace Admin permissions. 

From what you’ve described, it sounds like you might have Company Admin access, but not the Workspace Admin rights yet. This is giving you access to only your own Analytics, but not the rest of the team’s. 

To grant yourself Workspace Admin permissions, you will want to go to Settings > Company > Teammates > Click on your own profile > Shared inboxes tab then select Admin in the dropdown in the upper-right corner. 

Here's a screenshot with the steps to take: 


I hope this helps! 😀


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This was so helpful to me! Does this allow them to see analytics to all inboxes their teams work in or only the inboxes they are subscribed to?


We have more than 5 team inboxes being an internal team but I want to make sure our team leads are being able to see the entire analytics as opposed to only their applicable inboxes.