What is the most effective feature and tools you have found to maximize time?

  • 16 November 2023
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I have found that using tags and rules together has been my favorite tool. This approach has saved my team a lot of valuable time! 

11 replies

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@CSM_I this thread has some great ideas as well! 



My sales team is enjoying the routing rules and auto delete rules in Front for our shared sales@ inbox that used to go to Zendek. We are happy to begin moving away from Zendesk!

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Message templates is a big winner in our office! With so many similar emails coming through, it’s so easy to utalise message templates to respond quickly and more efficiently. 

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I have found that using tags and rules together has been my favorite tool. This approach has saved my team a lot of valuable time! 

Great callout! One of the concepts that I try to instill when working with a customer is to think about how multiple features work together vs. in a silo. For example, tags + rules + analytics create a really nice triangle where a user can automatically get visual cues that help them better prioritize what work to go after AND you’re capturing analytics that can help inform broader business decisions you might want to make.

The value of Front’s features multiple the more connected they are within your workflows!


I am a brand new Front user, so my experience is limited, but based on all that I have learned thus far I am most excited about the “Rules” functionality. The ability to create an entire workflow with Smart Rules will save so much time and eliminate the back and forth conversations. For global teams like mine, it is especially helpful to be able to automatically create the collaboration required for specific tasks, and not having to wait until your time zones may or way not over lap.


I have really loved tagging emails to facilitate grouping them together and also looking back on information and discussions related to that specific tag.

It has also been really helpful to get the message ID or message link to share with others on my team as needed, or to save for myself when I need to keep referencing back to a specific message.  

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I loooove snoozing. Biggest game changer for me in staying organized and prioritizing my inbox 🙌


I use tags, rules, and snooze all the time.  I’m not sure what I would do if I didn’t have them anymore.

Especially Snooze.  I snooze conversations all the time and don’t worry about them as they pop back into my conversation list, at the top, when it is time.  It is just one less thing to think about.

Rules, followed closely by snooze. Empty inbox is very satisfying, and the first helps automate that, and the second lets me organize when things aren’t so cut and dry that I would make a rule for it

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Snoozing and rules do wonders for my mental space keeping my inboxes empty ✨

I also love the CMD+K and Shift+O shortcuts to navigate inboxes and conversations.

Using the “scheduling” tool has been a game changer for me! Long gone are the days going back and forth with a client trying to find mutual availability. Sending a list of times directly to the client has saved hours