Unable to find a conversation/message in front

  • 11 March 2024
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I am unable to find a conversation/message in Front using the cnv_ID and/or msg_ID.


How can I find them and why are they blocked? Seems to be Invisible

3 replies

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Hi @hector_rojo, the reason you can’t access a conversation via the conversation ID would be that the conversation has either been deleted, or you don’t have access to it (it’s a private inbox conversation you haven’t been shared on or it’s in an inbox you don’t have access to). You can let the person who shared the ID with you know that you need access to it and they can invite you into the conversation by mentioning you or using the participant menu.

hi @helena Thanks for your help.


I have some questions hre.


For context, we have in place an automartion using that creates the messages and provides a link with the cnv_ID and the msg_ID. Weird thing here taken your comments into considerations is that some messages and conversations we are able to see, If we do not have access to the inbox, then we would not be able to see any items right?

Another weird thing is that sometimes when we open the cnv link it opens a complete different conversation that is not related to the one it supposed to.


Here are the example of the Conversation and Message link structure.{msg_ID}{cnv_ID}


is it possible that the messages got stuck as Draft or the status is Invisible?


Thanks for the help


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@hector_rojo Yes, that’s strange behavior that will need some troubleshooting. I suggest sending this over to our support team with the exact conversation IDs that you’re having issues with, and our team can look into the specifics of what’s happening with these conversations and why some aren’t visible to your team. Be sure to notate which IDs are examples of which unexpected behavior, and whether it’s happening with select teammates or everyone. Feel free to also link them to this thread for context!