Trying to Set up Front - with x3 Users... but only 1 email address

  • 18 May 2023
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Good afternoon,


We are VERY green to Front…


Initially, I was under the impression, we would be able to set x3 team members - so that we can each log in to access the same 1 email inbox.


We do not have different email addresses - as we currently only log on via web access to gmail.


moving forward, Would love it so that we can chat between us remotely - but each time I try to set up a team mate, it asks for an email address… and naturally - we only have the 1 for all 3 of us??


My head is boggled!! please help… cheers


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Hey there! 

Phoebe with Front’s Support team here. Great question. 

Each teammate will need their own account that they use to log in to Front. You can invite them to Front following these instructions: How to invite a new teammate.

The email address they use to log into Front does not have to be an email they send and receive messages with. It's just a way for us to create a unique login ID for them. So, each teammate will need a unique email address, just for logging in. 

For each user who has an account, you will be charged for one "license" in Front. More on that here: How does Front charge for additional teammates? 

Since all teammates need to be accessing the same email address, you will want to connect this email address to a shared inbox: Add and use shared inboxes. From there, emails will come into the shared inbox, and your teammates can assign conversations, collaborate on replies, and add notes and comments to emails. 

I hope that helps explain the way that users can share access to an inbox in Front!