Question: How to send an email from a general email address that shows in the recipients inbox as being from a specific named person

  • 16 November 2023
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I've received a lot of marketing emails that appear in my inbox as being from a specific person, but come from a general email address (e.g. hello@). I wonder if this can be replicated on Front - e.g. the sender will appear in recipients inboxes as a ‘Joe Bloggs’ but the email itself will be sent directly from a general email address.

4 replies

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You need to filed a “Display Name” 

Depends how you send your email,  if you use an email marketing tool like mailchimp you can set up the campaign. 

In a shared mailbox it’s on the email or group setting where you can edit the Display Name and/or Name and Surname 

Hi Thomas - thanks for your response. How do I navigate to the email or group settings to edit the Display Name on a shared mailbox on Front?  

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You’re welcome. 

This settings is not in front but under your email provider (Gmail, Exchange, Outlook, … ) 

Simply check the email account settings 

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Hi Honor! You can change the display name (sender info) in Front for non-O365 channels by following the instructions outlined here!


Hope this helps!