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  • 3 July 2023
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I’m trying to get a better understanding on what the limits are for each of the plans.


I’m on the starter plan and will be moving to growth in the next few months.  Where can I find what the limits are for rules, connections, etc.





Best answer by haley 4 July 2023, 02:21

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Hi Tommy! Great question 😀

On our Pricing page we have a Compare Plans section that can help as a starting point. Here we have subsections that can help outline the different features that each of our plans comes with.

Next to features in the list, we also have a little i icon that when hovered over will help expand a bit more around it too.

An additional resource that can help is our Integrations page. This space will list the different services and tools that we integrate with. This list can be filtered by plan via the left side navigation menu, however we also list the plans that the integration comes with after selecting the tool from the list as well.

Another helpful space too can be within our help center articles. In our help center, our articles will include a pricing section if that particular feature is tied to certain plans.

For the change over from our current Starter to Growth plans, some additions are additional rule flows like SLA and Required tagging, Analytics, CRM sync, Sequences, CSAT, AI Summarize, the full power of our Front Chat Bot.