Multiple Users/Device - One Log In Credentials

  • 28 September 2023
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Is it possible to have multiple users/devices use one login credentials? For instance, I have a group of 10 analysts and I wanted them to use one login credentials for uniformity and it will only show as a group email to my clients. Hope you can provide me with answers on this.

1 reply

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Hi Zhe! Thanks for your question 😊


Front is a user-based system. As per our terms of service, each user must have their own separate login and license. 

However, the login address does not impact the sending email address 👍 So if your team are using the same shared channel and shared signature, it will retain the uniformity for your clients:

  • Shared inbox can be used by multiple teammates to send and receive messages on the same address
  • Shared signature allows you to set the same Sender info for each message

Hope this helps! 😃