How are we supposed to use email automation tools when All sent emails from automation platforms end up in inbox

  • 17 May 2024
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Hi Front Reps,


We are trialling your software and are finding it hard to figure out how we are best to use it as it is actually creating ALOT more work for our team


Let me explain what is happening specifically.


Our shared inbox, and some personal inboxes, have automations from email platforms that send email from our accounts. This is incredibly common, it saves our team dozens if not hundreds of hours a month. 


For example, if a new lead comes in, a series of 10 emails get automatically sent from my inbox over the course of the next few months. If a project is completed, the request a review email gets sent. We also have a CRM that sends emails directly from Gmail and syncs with that.


In front - it seems that every time one of these platforms sends an email (they do sync with my gmail inbox, and send from my gmail itself, eg: these emails send from the gmail account via api using these email automation tools so we can see all emails) - all these automations then appear in my INBOX in front


This means, that ALL my automations (hundreds of them, if not thousands per month) now appear in my inbox and have to be 'archived'.


How can i stop this behaviour. If i send an email in gmail, i dont want that then to pop up in my inbox in front as an item to action/assign, as this is taking huge amounts of my time now - surely there must be ways to work with this as others must also have CRM’s, and email automations etc - you even sync with PIPEDRIVE as an integration - but our sales team send an email via pipedrive from their account, it then shows up in their inbox now to ‘archive’ - it just makes no sense.

It would be impossible to create rules for every automation we already have in play to auto archive these - I simply don't see why emails sent outside of front we would want to automatically display in the inbox to only have to archive them again.

Help - this is making it impossible to work with front.

1 reply


Hello Eden,

Thank you for your message and writing into our Forum! 🙂

I understand that setting up rules can seem daunting when there are many to build. However, we try to make this process easier with our rule templates. You can set up rules to archive the automated emails immediately so they don't appear in your inbox.

Alternatively, you can redirect them to an empty inbox ( so the messages move away from your personal inbox to there and archive automatically in the same motion. You can do this by choosing the sender's email rather than the subject in the rule builder. 

If you need further help with this, please do let us know and we can provide additional support 


All the best



Customer Support Specialist