Historical Conversations Best Practices Views and Tags

  • 29 January 2024
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Historical Conversations Best Practices Views and Tags


  1. Is it best to audit and apply tags prior to or after migration?


  1. If keywords can be used to create a search and then apply tags for past conversations, then after the tags are applied, conversations with those tags will be visible in the Tags Report, correct?


  1. Is it best practice to create a View for Historical Conversations?


  1. If Nested Tags do not display in the analytics dashboard itself, should they be be used at all, or are their specific use cases for a Nested tag, if they are not displayed in the analytics dashboard?

Nested tags in Analytics

The tag path will be displayed in any tag dropdown menu, however, the tag path will not display in the analytics dashboard itself.

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  1. Applying tags to conversations prior to migration would be useful because, during a Gmail/O365 inbox import, those labels/tags applied to conversations will mirror that status and apply those labels or tags onto the corresponding conversations in the Front inbox as they are imported over. For more information about what sync during a Gmail or O365 import, you can view these help center articles:
  2. Yes, that’s correct 👍
  3. Yes, Views give admins the ability to customize a shared view for teammates that can narrow down and filter the view to display conversations found in specific inboxes, contain specific tags, and can even display conversations assigned to particular assignees. If you have any additional questions about setting up Views, feel free to reach out to our Support team and we’ll be happy to dive further into this with you.
  4. Although the nested tag path doesn’t appear in analytics reports, many users find they’re most useful for organizing tags and allowing users to easily locate a tag they want to apply when reviewing conversations.
    1. Additionally, if your team would find it useful to include nested tag paths in your analytics reports, please free to submit a feature request for it here in our Ideas Portal: This is the best way to let our Product team know what you’re looking for, as our Product team is very receptive to feedback since we’re always looking for ways to improve the user experience!