Getting Started with Front - Best Advice for New Hires

  • 10 January 2024
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I am brand new to my organization (and to Front), and am really looking forward to using the platform. Being new, I don’t really know where to start. Setting up tags and rules seems super helpful, but I am not familiar enough with my company’s process to know what to expect. Does anyone have any advice for brand new team members? Thanks all!

4 replies

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Hi @nicole_caricato, welcome to Front! The best place to get started would be the new user learning path in Front Academy, if you haven’t checked that out yet. You’ll learn all the basics of Front features, setting up your workspace, and collaborating with your team. And if you run into questions, join us at our weekly live office hours


In addition to helena suggestions for Front Academy - which is very useful. I would collaborate with a more tenured person on your team and have them help you map out a workflow for your company’s processes. This will give you a guide as you explore the options available in Front.
Here are a few examples that my company uses:
Tags: Used to identify different types of orders; like rush, labor intensive, etc…
Rules: Used to automatically move specific emails to specific folders or to assign emails to a specific user; Quote requests to the quote folder, Sample Requests to the sample folder, etc…, Company X emails assigned to Employee A.

Make sure to setup your workspace business hours in analytics - this will be helpful later when you want to pull data. 

In general as a whole Front is very user friendly. Good luck!


Hi @nicole_caricato, congratulations on the role!

I’d like to bump what both Helena and Janna had mentioned above. I am personally going through the Front Administrator Certification learning course to get a better idea of what are best practices and how to properly maintain a great Front user experience. In addition to Janna’s recommendation of working with a more tenured person on your team to map out the businesses workflows. If you’re working across department I’d recommend taking the time to sit with a person from each department to understand what is important to them and how can you and your team best work together, key use cases, and to establish best practices. Lastly I’d just recommend spending time on the platform, the more time you tinker around the platform (without breaking any workflows or processes haha) you’ll find more use cases to leverage the powerful functionalities in your role and the wider business.

Wishing you the best!


This post was very informative and helpful for me. Thank you all