Front auto archives emails those assigned to anyone else

  • 13 July 2023
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Hello everyone, 

I am facing a problem with Front, when ever I assign an email that is left unassigned or change the assignee name then front automatically archiving the email.
Not really sure if I changed something lately in the settings or this is as part of new updates in front.

This is very frustrating after assigning the email to someone, I also have to click Unarchive in my email in order to bring the email back to my shared section.


I appreciate if you can share any work around or some sort of setting which could solve the issue


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5 replies

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Hi there! So, this is by design. To clarify, when you assign a conversation away to another teammate it’s assumed that you are done with the conversation so it becomes archived. New activities on the conversation will automatically open the conversation in your Shared with Me, so it’s not required to Unarchive these conversations after assigning. 

Let me know if you have any questions! 

Hey Andy,


Thank you so much for your reply!!

I understood the work around but my only concern now is, as soon as I un-assign or assign it to somebody else, by default the email is archiving without bring it to the shared section. Is this also the feature?

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Good question! To ensure the conversation ends up in your Shared with Me you’ll want to make sure you subscribe to the conversation before assigning it away. This will ensure any new activity on the convo will show up in your Share with Me. With that said, if you did take action on the convo in someway before assigning it to another teammate, you should be automatically subscribed to it. You can find more information on the participant’s menu here:

Is there any way to prevent the auto-archive? When I assign the task and the email disappears, I can’t track that it’s still something I need to follow up on, I just have to trust the person it’s assigned to is going to notice and take action. If I want to snooze it for follow-up, I have to go into archive and adjust the status. I’d rather it just stay in my inbox so I can archive as needed. 

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Hi Marie,

There currently isn’t a way to prevent auto-archiving after you’ve assigned an email. But we do have  an open feature request for this functionality in our Product Ideas Portal which is accessible to all users here

Feel free to click the Vote button on the left-hand side of the feature request to tell our team how important this update would be for your team. You'll then be subscribed to receive email updates if a feature that you submitted or upvoted is developed and shipped! 

Most of the improvements you see to Front come from ideas and suggestions like yours, so we really appreciate your feedback!