Does a New Account Get Created with Contact Important?

  • 17 October 2023
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Hi all,

I’d like to upload a list of contacts into Front — am wondering if a new Account will be created if the CSV file has a column for account?

Thanks so much,


3 replies

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Hi @cathryn, great question! Front will not create duplicate accounts if the account already exists in your contact manager. You can upload a CSV of contacts, or a CSV of accounts — both of which won’t create duplicates but instead will update existing records if they already exist, or new records if they don’t exist. You can click into those links to read more details about how we handle uploads that have existing records. 


Hi Cathryn,


You can also try looking to look in the Front app store and see if the program you use for contacts is available there. It may be an easier way for you to sync your contacts. It would be under categories and then Data Sync & Enrichment in the app store. Hope this helps.


Please correct me if I’m wrong @helena 

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@sgarza yes, that’s a great tip! Instead of the Data Sync & Enrichment category in the app store, I suggest checking out the CRM & Ecommerce instead, as it has more direct contact/CRM apps. The Data Sync & Enrichment apps are more for additional workflows and tooling you can build on top of the contacts/data you have (and also includes a few contact apps that do both).