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I’m new to Front and have a bunch of contacts. How do I get them into Front?


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This will depend on where the contacts live currently. We have a few options for syncing contacts with Front:


For other contact sources, where syncing is not possible (such as Google Contacts), the current method is more manual. 


You will need to export the contacts as a CSV from their source, then adjust the file to fit the Front formatting and finally bulk-import the contacts into Front with the CSV file. We have a Help Center article here which offers instructions on exactly how to format and upload your contacts: Import, upload, and export contacts in Front


Our main CRM is Hubspot, is that syncing only a manual process or can it be done automatically on a hour base for example?

Ideally I would like to have contact synced in front with their deals as custom fields. Does that make sense? 

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Hi Philippe 👋 


If you set up the Hubspot Contact Sync, connecting your Hubspot account with Front, then the sync will occur automatically every 24 hours 👍

For the Deals, you can indeed configure different Hubspot fields to Front Custom Fields as a part of the Sync setup process (step 6 in the above link) 😊

I hope this helps! 


You can also manually upload a .csv from a contact data extract or use the API end points as we do to sync BSS contacts back to Front contacts so agents immediately know who they are speaking with in a conversation. 


Hi @Philippe_RC ,


If I’m not mistaken, I believe you can add the Hubspot app on Front to log messages and CRM records in real time. When you connect it to Front you will have one-click access to profiles from your inbox. You will be able to create new contacts, companies, deals or activities in real time from Front.

You can find the app in the Front App store.

Hope this helps.