Can you access a teammate's mailbox as an admin?

  • 28 April 2023
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Is it at all possible to access a user’s mailbox from the administrative level?


Example: I’m Customer service Director & have multiple emergency call outs today. For whatever reasons I want to look at these users mailboxes. I do not have their credentials, but am an admin on Front app.


I understand you can grab assigned conversations from anyone at anytime and assign to someone else, but would that be all we can manipulate from a user who is not here? I also know you can add a user mailbox to your own account, but you need credentials for that to set up 365 with their account. Front also emails reset pw links to emails so resetting a pw is not an option either.  


Thanks a lot!


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I'm afraid it is not currently possible to access a user's individual inbox from the Admin-level. Generally, you are only able to access another user's inbox if that user delegates their inbox to you. 


You are correct, as well -- You can unassign shared conversations that are currently assigned to these users. One caveat is that you will only see conversations that are in inboxes that you have access to. So if a user has conversation assigned to them in an inbox that you do not have access to, you will not see those conversations in the Assigned conversations tab. 


We've also received requests for the ability for Admins to manage delegations on behalf of other teammates, which you can view in our Product Ideas Portal here →


We've recently set up a Product Ideas Portal where you can submit requests for features you need or vote for requests already submitted by other users (like the one above)! You'll receive an email update if a feature you submit or upvote is developed and shipped. 


We apologize for any inconvenience caused by not being able to access their inboxes at the Admin-level 🙏 Please let me know if you have any further questions!