auto reply form a shared inboxes

  • 11 June 2024
  • 2 replies

Hello everyone, 


I don’t know if anybody can help here, but I’ve got blank “auto reply” from our shared inboxe that we don’t where it come from.


So, if you’ve got any idea where I can start to search about this subject, I take it ^^


Thanks and have a nice day



2 replies

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Hi there! Cat here from the Front support team.

The auto reply could be being sent by one of your rules. If you check the activity history on a conversation where this happened by expanding the grey activity bar between emails does this show you which rule sent the message?

If you run into any difficulties, please reach out to our team via and let us know the conversation ID of an example conversation where this happened. We’ll see if we can trace what occurred!


Hello @cat_apac ,


Yes it is.

Thanks for your reply ^^