• 4 January 2024
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For an operations and logistics based company - which analytical feature do you think best suit the needs to meet expectations of customers.

2 replies

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Hi Nicole! Great question. While I don’t run an operations team, I have worked with many logistics companies and my advice would be to think about what your end-customers value the most. In my experience, it’s all about speed and quality, therefore, I would look at Team efficiency metrics like First Reply Time and Handle Time. If you want to start thinking about benchmarking your team’s speed to response, you should consider creating SLA rules, which in turn will allow you to track metrics like SLA breaches and SLA Achieved (%) at the individual teammate level. The last thing I would recommend is to roll out Front’s CSAT surveys. You could embed these CSAT surveys in the signatures of your team, which is a bit more passive, or send a survey response after a conversation has been archived for X period of time. Generally, most people go with embedding CSAT surveys in signatures especially if you’re dealing with a high volume of emails. Hope this helps!

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@JohnW in case you have any thoughts on this!