Webhook / API querying based on views rather than inboxes

  • 12 July 2023
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Hi there !
I have a question, we are currently using the inboxes as filter to get the events by webhooks. I am wondering if it is, or will be, possible to set a condition in the webhook config in front app to get the events concerning a specific view rather than inbox ? Do you know something about it ? The same question for the API, I looked for views in your API doc, but found nothing, will it be available in the future to do some calls on views ?

Thanks in advance !


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Hi Tomasz,

That’s an interesting use case, but unfortunately not currently supported in the sense of “subscribing to a view”.

You should be able to configure your “send to webhook” rule to have the same conditions as the View (inbox is … and has tags … etc) so that should replicate the behavior you’re looking for. 

Regarding the API part, Views are a UI-only concept, so they are not accessible to the API.