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  • 22 March 2024
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We’ve recently implemented an incoming message webhook. We’re able to authenticate and consume the messages with no issues. One thing we’d like our application to do is to update the message (or conversation) in Front so that it appears to have been read, archived, or deleted based on the users settings in our application.


We’re currently attempting to do this using the “Update Conversation” endpoint. Here is an example.

url: “""




We’ve also tried this using a body like this:



We are using PATCH and getting a response of 204 -  NoContent but we are not seeing any changes to the message or conversation in Front. We’re hoping for some direction on what we may be doing wrong. Is there a better approach to updating the message directly instead of the conversation or are we missing some other piece of required information?


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Conversation updates via the API are applied at the team-level, but will not change the personal status for a teammate who is a participant in that conversation (see this article for comprehensive details).  

You can configure rules which perform an Archive for specific teammates action, but to trigger this via the API you’d need to do something like adding a tag to the conv / updating conv custom fields to trigger a rule to archive for specific teammates. 


Thanks Jason.