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  • 11 January 2024
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I would like to send data to different third-party apps such as our CRM when certain actions happen in front. For example, every time a new contact has been created updated I would like to make a POST request to our CRM to keep the data in sync. I understand that I could use the front API to pull in new contacts from time to time from these third-party tools, but I would like to push instead of pool.

is there a convenient way I can do this using front? 


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Hi, Josula, 

This type of workflow would align with utilizing Front webhooks within a custom rule.

Although there isn't an explicit new contact condition within Front's rules, I have a suggestion that might work for you. You could have all of the company contacts equipped with a custom field that contains a boolean value representing the sync between with your CRM (e.g., crm_sync: yes/no).

On inbound, you could have the rule check if a dynamic variable is false. You could create this dynamic variable, taking the conversation’s primary contact and extracting its custom field that you have created (crm_sync, for example). If the contact has a false value for the crm_sync, or custom field of your choosing, then you could have the rule send the event to a webhook of your choosing. Some use Zapier to accept the event payload and extract relevant details to POST to their CRM, but this section would be up to what works best for the individual and their CRM. 

This workflow would depend upon your company plan having access to custom rules. If this is not an option, then your previously suggested idea of polling the contacts via API would be the next best method. 


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Thanks Justin! FYI @josula , you can also read more about Webhooks here. You’ll note that you can attach webhooks directly to the apps you build in Front without having to build a rule, although those webhooks don’t currently trigger on contacts being updated, so what Justin is suggesting above is the most viable for that particular use case. Just wanted you to be aware of the app webhooks in case it benefits your integration in other ways