There is a new version of this draft

  • 18 January 2024
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When I make a call to this endpoint:

I get the following error as a response from the frontapp api: `There is a new version of this draft`

I don’t understand what is causing this error. What can I do?


Just to clarify, the draft hasn’t been touched at all. In fact the update occur less than a second after the creation of the draft.


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2 replies

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Hi, Guillaume 👋

This error can occur when you attempt to edit a draft with an outdated, or non-existent, version param in the request body. 

To successfully update the draft, you will want to use the version received in the payload from the request to the Create Draft endpoint. 


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I just tested it and it is correct. You should update the documentation of this endpoint to explain it:


For the property `version`, you should add something like this text: “Version of the draft. It should be a valid version id or else you’ll get the following error `There is a new version of this draft`. You can find the version id of a draft in the response of a create draft or in the get list of draft.”