smpt conn error when creating a message

  • 13 March 2024
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Hi, when creating a message, sometimes the error type: smpt_conn_error is returned. How can I solve this problem? Is it maybe something we can fix in Inbox settings?


Best answer by raymond_ching 13 March 2024, 21:03

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3 replies

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Hi Hector,

This can happen if the channel you’re attempting to send from is connected using custom SMTP and your credentials are rejected. In these cases I would check that your credentials are correct, and then try using the API to send the message again.


Hi @raymond_ching we are using a corporate gmail email, I checked the settings and the custom SMTP is disable.

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Hi Hector,

Since this seems to be a specific issue, can you write in to the support team with details as to the channel name and screenshots of the error you’re running into? We can take a deeper look from there.