Sending data back and webhooks

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Hello everyone,

We are planning to create custom fields for both contacts and dynamic objects and import data through API to get the most up to date data in Front. So far so good. Now we were wondering if it’s possible to send data back as well. So let's say a certain custom field is manually adjusted/updated in Front, is there a way to send that updated data back? We had hoped to use the webhooks for that but it seems like the events for webhooks do not include events for that purpose.

Also, I believe that until a few weeks ago there was the possibility to use webhooks in rules? I don't see that option anymore. Can anyone confirm or am I mixing things up?


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Hi there!
We don’t have a way to return events where custom fields were edited in Front as that isn’t an event currently retrievable through the API. As for the ‘send to webhook’ action within rules, that should still be an option so long as you’re on the Growth plan or above. If you’re not seeing it but believe that you should be seeing it, please write in to the Support team and we can investigate further from there!

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Hey Raymond,

Thanks for your answer. I'll look into it a bit further.

I also just found this. Seems rather new:

Obviously it depends on what you are able to send back but seems promosing.



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Hi there - it’s likely that macros still won’t capture information such as updating custom fields within an account, but once we release this feature we can see what is possible!