Script that will DL attachments from emails

Hello, I need to write a script that will download attachments (specifically Excel spreadsheets) from Front shared inboxes. I have the API key/ InboxID however AI isn’t much help on the actual process of it. If anyone could point me to some resources I would appreciate it, thank you.

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Hi @jhodges, This is Molly with Front Support! Have you tried using the method listed in our API Docs here? You will need the message ID of the message that contains the attachment. Please let us know if this helps!

Hi @molly I figured out the issue, the code was setup to go email → Search for attachments and it turns out it needs to be coded to email → message → search for attachments. Thank you for the follow up though!

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Tell me again, in an age of OneDrive, SharePoint and Google Docs, why anyone is sending Excel spreadsheets as email attachments…