Replying with email to a custom channel

  • 10 January 2023
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Hi there,


When sending a message to a custom channel via the API ({channel_id}/incoming_messages), is it possible to set an email address that should be replied to for when a user in Front tries to reply?


Or, is there a better way of sending messages to Front as if they were an email? My use case is a customer filling in a form on our website, which triggers sends a message to front (currently a custom channel) - our team will then action the request & reply to the message, which I'm expecting to be delivered via email to the initial customer.


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One important thing to note is that a conversation in Front can only contain messages of a specific "type" (i.e. messages sent/received via a certain channel type). This means that you can not import a message via a custom channel, and reply via an email channel.


I think the best solution in your case will be:

  1. Visitor submits form. Your app processes it
  2. Your app imports the submitted message into Front as an email via an email channel. Use the import message endpoint
  3. In Front, you will respond from the channel the message was received on, to the visitor. 


I hope this is helpful - Please let me know if you have any further questions