Possible to automatically route Slack direct messages into an inbox?

  • 22 August 2023
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We regularly receive direct messages to teammates that should have otherwise been directed to a team. Is there any way in the slack integration to connect it on a per-user basis instead of just a public channel?

I thought it should be as simple as connecting a new source to a personal front user. I know you can use the more menu in slack and create a new Front conversation which does work but then you can’t reply to it from Front. 


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Hi Adam, 

Thanks for getting in touch about the feature you're looking for!

Although Front doesn't currently support connections to private inboxes, I hear you and want our Product team to hear this, too. That's why we've recently set up our Product Ideas Portal where you can submit requests for features you need, and what other Front users are looking for. If you see another feature you'd love, just upvote it there and our team will see the tally.

I did find a similar previous request here. You can either upvote this one and add additional comments, or create a new one with your specific use case.

Our Product team reviews these ideas every week. You'll receive an email update if a feature you submit or upvote is developed and shipped.

We really appreciate your feedback — thank you for taking the time to send it!