Plugins and keyboard shortcuts/hotkeys

  • 28 March 2023
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I noticed that while a user’s Front app is focused on our custom plugin, Front’s shortcuts won’t work.

This is of course because they are hosted in an iframe.  Similar examples of this kind of issue can be found in other platforms ie.

Dispatching an event from the child iframe across to the parent window is forbidden due to cross domain security issues.

2 possible solutions are:

  1. Front provides offer a postMessage that we can send to forward events.
  2. The contextApi exposes a way to forward all / some of the events.

There of course may be other good solutions!

Please note that the few more popular Front plugins I tested (from large well known companies) suffered from the same issue.  For instance `cmd+n` to compose a new message.


Any workarounds?



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Unfortunately this isn’t supported by our plugin SDK at the moment, but please feel free to raise a feature request via our ideas portal.


Ok. Will do.  Thanks!