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  • 16 January 2023
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We utilize our own plugin integration to pull customer data on each inbound data for our sales reps to see.

We capture the customer's email address using "emailaddress = context.conversation.recipient.handle;"

This is working fine except for our contact forms on our sites. These all send and are properly signed from So we are unable to lookup the customer email in our system... The customer email is set in the reply-to field of the email. Our plugin works as expected as soon as the sales rep hits reply - the front conversation recipient changes at that point to the 'reply-to' address.

How can we pull the reply-to address in our plugin from the initial load before hitting the reply button??


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We have a method in the Plugin SDK called listRecipients()


You can use this to list the recipients of the conversation in the current context. Because this method is run on the conversation, rather than a message, it returns the full list of participating recipients without noting their role (to/from/reply-to) in any particular message.


I hope this is helpful