Paragraph tags not displaying properly in html email

  • 9 October 2023
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Heya. Some of our customers are using the Front App to read our html emails, however we’ve received some complaints about email formatting. It looks like our paragraph <p> tags are not being treat the same as in for eg Gmail, specifically the padding/spacing between tags.


vs Gmail:

Our raw html looks like this

    <p>We just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for your recent order.</p>

<p>We’ve been building ___ for almost 30 years now, relying on personal recommendations and word of mouth to grow organically and slowly, rather than on flashy advertising with big budgets we don’t have.</p>

<p>We never want to forget that our business relies on people like you choosing to buy from us, and of course telling their friends :-)</p>

Could i get some advice on what styling Front expects to have the same expected behaviour as Gmail? I do not see any info on the developer docs about email display issues




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Justin here with the support engineering team 👋

Thanks for the information that you’ve provided here so far. With example specific questions, such as this, it would be more beneficial for you to reach out to our team privately to share the message ID and .eml file (downloaded from Gmail). 

From there we could directly compare HTML with what you see in your screenshots and in the data that we have on our end. 

In short, email clients may render HTML slightly different based on many factors such as formatting, client-specific styling and rending limitations, etc. Having the above information would help us confirm more about the renders you are seeing. 

Again, feel free to reach out with your specific example and information and we can investigate further.