Open API core-api.json does not build valid java

  • 22 March 2024
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I’m trying to use this Open API json file to generate Java client code to call Front’s API. I’m using maven and the openapi-generator-maven-plugin version 6.2.1.

The first time I tried to do this, it failed with this message:

-attribute components.schemas.KnowledgeBaseArticleResponse.items is missing

I fixed this by adding

"items": {  "type": "string"},

to line 2590.

Then I tried again. It failed because the Java code is not valid. There's errors in a number of files, like EventResponseSourceData.


Has anyone had success generating Java client code using the above mentioned file?


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2 replies

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Hi @benh21,


Thanks for reporting this issue. Our team is looking into whether the API schema has any errors that may be causing this problem. I’ll report back in the coming days regarding any updates to the schema.


Thanks for your patience

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Hi @benh21,


In addition to the array you noted missing an items property, many of our recently released knowledge base endpoints were missing operation IDs. We fixed these issues and you should see an updated schema in the repo now.


Hopefully that should give you valid Java now, but let us know if there are any other specific errors you’re getting. After adding the operation IDs, our validator wasn’t showing any other blocking issues for valid code, but there can be differences between programming languages and the generators.