Missing conversation/message events

I’m attempting to sync messages by consuming the `events` api.


However, what I’m noticing is that in some cases, there is no event for a given inbound message. Is this expected behaviour?


For example, here is an events call I’m making:[after]=1706030839&q[types]=message_bounce_error&q[types]=inbound&q[types]=outbound&q[types]=out_reply&q[types]=sending_error&q[types]=forward


While there are many inbound message events, I do not get all of them. For example, if I use the conversations/{id}/message endpoint with some conversation IDs, I can see messages received shortly after 1706030839, but there is no corresponding event.


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Hi James! 

Thanks for reaching out. I’ll highlight some point and tips that can help based on the general information that we have here. 

First of all, the request does appear to be properly escaped and formatted. A few things you may want to check:

- Scoping of the API token. Does it include shared/private resources, relevant to the scope of the messages you are expecting to see?

- If these messages are in an individual inbox, are the enabled to allow access to resources via the API?


If you are continuing to have issues viewing the expected messages and the above is in order, I would suggest reaching out to our support team with the specifics of the request and messages/conversations expected to be returned matching the event query. This would allow our team to analyze these private details to a specific degree to determine if there is anything else occurring. 


Well, I can retrieve the conversations/messages with the API key, but they do not appear in the event stream, so I suspect the access is configured correctly.


Is there a specific API support email I can contact?

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Thanks, James. 

It does seem like this may require a closer investigation into you company’s details and the requests being made. I’ll reach out with more details shortly.