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  • 28 May 2024
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I recently got an error calling the `messages` api but the error was truncated. Is there a place I can see the full error?


[2024-05-27 22:35:20] production.ERROR: HTTP request returned status code 400:
{"_error":{"status":400,"title":"Bad request","message":"Body did not satisfy requirements","details":[" should (truncated...)
{"exception":"[object] (Illuminate\\Http\\Client\\RequestException(code: 400): HTTP request returned status code 400:
{\"_error\":{\"status\":400,\"title\":\"Bad request\",\"message\":\"Body did not satisfy requirements\",\"details\":[\" should (truncated...)



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Hi Erin,

You can only view the full message on receiving it. It looks like your logging application truncated this result. 

I’ll reach out to you directly about this via email.