Light body of message through core API

  • 25 May 2023
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I am trying to retrieve the light body of the message (i.e the last message without the former messages). I saw that you had something similar with the API on your end but it seems that there no such thing with the CoreAPI, is there any way I can come any closed to this ?


I will suggest it through the product form.



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3 replies

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Hi apepin!

Yes, currently the Core API will return the body of the message as we received it from the sender.  If the sender includes the historical or quoted content of the conversation, Front will include that in the API response.

Thank you for suggesting this to our Product Ideas portal!

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The message body is not really my need. 

In the Frontapp, when we receive a message, only the message is displayed and if we want to see more, we press the three little dots in the bottom left corner.

Before pressing those, it seems that the app displays something known as “light_body”, and when we press it, it display the so called “body”. 

I am wondering if there’s any parsing or treatment to display the light_body using the body itself ? Like an rule or anything



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Yep, this is a product feedback request as we don’t have anything available to satisfy those requirements right now