KPI aggregations with API responses

  • 30 March 2023
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We are trying to make an internal dashboard using Front data and data from other tools we have. I am wondering what agregation you did in order to make the KPI that we can see in our analytics. For example the reply time (avg).


Another question, is it possible to send a separate message using rules ? I mean :

  • we put a tag on a conversation that triggers the following
  • We extract the recipient mail address
  • Send a specific mail to that recipient using a template




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You can find out how Front calculates API analytics metrics here:

From that link, Front calculates avg_total_reply_time

Sum of all reply times for archived conversation segments with at least one reply, that are currently archived. Previously called Resolution time in legacy Front analytics. Takes business hours into account.


Please note that this is different than how Reply Time (avg) is calculated for in-app reports.  You can find that metric here:


For your other question, possibly, if I understand what you’re asking.  You can create a Rule Set, where, given a specific tag, you would send the corresponding message template as a reply.  Here’s our Help Center article on Rule Sets:

Here’s what that rule might look like:

In Front’s rule editor, Rule Set column labels for the trigger “Tag” is added and the rule action Reply with “Message template”

I hope that helps!