Issue with Refresh Token Not Updating on Expiration via OAuth Endpoint

  • 14 February 2024
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We've encountered an issue with the expiration of the refresh token. According to the documentation, refresh tokens are valid for 6 months.

The documentation states:

> Repeat this process as necessary, ensuring you use the refresh token at least once before its 6-month expiration to obtain a new set of credentials without having to restart the OAuth process from step one.

However, when we use the `POST` endpoint to obtain a new pair of access and refresh tokens, we indeed receive a new valid access token (extended for 1 hour), but the refresh token remains unchanged, including its expiration.

As a result, we are unable to update the refresh token. How can we resolve this issue?

I am testing with the following refresh token:
- Issued At: 1699617655 (11/10/2023, 2:00:55 PM)
- Expiration Time: 1715342455 (5/10/2024, 3:00:55 PM)

And I received the same token back from the `POST` endpoint.


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Hi Vlad,

Thanks for letting us know about the gap in documentation; I’ll be sure to get that updated as soon as possible!

Refresh tokens expire after 182 days.  24 hours prior to expiry, a request to the oauth/token endpoint will return a new refresh token.

I hope that helps!