Issue with List Events API

  • 16 January 2023
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We are currently in the process of building an integration with FrontFor our use case, we found the `List Events` API here, to be suitable. We want to only list archive events in a certain time window, and for that, we have tried using the `q` parameter, as mentioned in the document, but it doesn't seem to work, the response always contains all the events, irrespective of the query we use. 
Attaching a few curls we have tried

curl --request GET      --url ''      --header 'Accept: application/json'      --header 'Authorization: Bearer TOKEN'
curl --request GET      --url ''      --header 'Accept: application/json'      --header 'Authorization: Bearer TOKEN'


Combining the before and after parameters would also be helpful.

Looking forward to your help on this.


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2 replies

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If you're issuing a curl request, you should specify the values of the "types" array like this:


curl '\[types\]=archive' ...


You can specify multiple types as follows:


curl '\[types\]=archive&q\[types\]=assign' ...


The before/after params are added in the same way:


curl '\[types\]=archive&q\[before\]=1649574000&q\[after\]=1649487600'


Hope that helps!



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This is super helpful, thanks for the prompt reply.