Importing message into Front not sending the message

  • 11 January 2023
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We are importing messages via the API from our TMS. Then from inside our TMS, users can "Send Messages" which is equivalent to sending an email. When this process is completed in the TMS, we are expecting this message to be sent to the "to" (recipient) and to show up in Front as a sent message.


What appears to be happening is that the message shows up in the Front Inbox but it's not actually being sent to the recipient. Is this because we're using a demo account or is importing a message into Front not the same as sending a new message from Front?


What process should we be following to ensure that any email sent from our TMS is sent via Front?


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Importing a message into Front is not the same as sending a message. Importing is really just creating a copy of the message in Front. If you're looking to send a message you'll want to use the Create conversation endpoint: The customer will need to have a connected channel that you can use to send the message through.