How to find existing report_uid for Fetch an analytics report endpoint

  • 6 September 2023
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I am looking to use the Fetch an analytics report. endpoint to pull in a report that I already have created. However, I am not seeing a way via the API to list out the existing reports so I can locate the report_uid. I also do not see the report_uid in the URL of the UI or listed anywhere else.

Can I only fetch analytics reports that I’ve created via the API with the Create a new analytics report. endpoint? Or is it possible to fetch existing analytics reports that were created in the UI?

Thank you!


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Hi Katie,

We don’t list analytics/report UIDs in the app; it’s an API-only feature.

We don’t have an endpoint to list analytics reports. Just go ahead and re-run the report you need with the same parameters used previously. If we detect that you’re requesting exactly the same report, we might be able to return the prior results from our cache to give you results immediately.

Let me know if you have questions!

Thank you for the quick reply Jason! I’ll go ahead and recreate the report via the API via the Create a new analytics report endpoint and grab the ID from the response. Thanks again!