How to add additional metadata to conversations

  • 10 January 2023
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Am I able to add additional metadata in anyway to conversations? For example to say that it is related to order ID 123, so that it could be referenced by subsequent API calls. I am considering tags, however this would be a new tag per new message, so we could end up with 100s of these over time.


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I agree. Tags could get quite congested over time with a strategy like this. Depending on your workflow, I may suggest the Links endpoint from our API. Links work in a similar way to tags in Front, making it easy to group conversations together under a common topic. Links are designed to connect conversations to items in external systems, such as orders. For instance, if you have an external link to your orders, you could create a link that would associate all of the conversations you add the link to. After the link was created, it could be added to your choice of conversations. To easily see all conversations pertaining to a specific link, or order, you could use the API to list link conversations. More on Links here: and here: