How can I update the external ID of a Front Account after it has been created?

  • 16 April 2024
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I understand that the external ID can be set when creating an account, but I need to update the external ID after the account has been created. The documentation does not mention how to update an external ID. I attempted to patch the update using 'external_id', but this approach was unsuccessful. One possible workaround is to automate the process of deleting the account and recreating it with the correct external ID, although I would prefer to avoid this method.







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Hi @darrin

Thanks for your question. Currently we don’t have a patch option for the external_id field on Accounts. However, this is a really great idea!

very strongly encourage you to submit this as feature request to our API team, by adding it here.

As you suggested, our best workaround option will be to remove the Account and re-add it with the correct external_id. 

I understand this is a bit clunky, but it will work until our Product team prioritizes creating this patch. 

Best of luck!

Molly, Front Support