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I’m building an API integration that requires data from the “quotes” in comments. I’m not sure if that’s the right Front technical term for them. The visual objects in comments that are created when you highlight text in a message and click “comment”. This:

I need to be able access the text of the quote (e.g. “We’ll pass...”), and get a reference to the message the quote is from and it’s sender (e.g. “Su ____”, and their email, etc.). I’ve looked pretty extensively at what’s included in the response to the "Get comment" endpoint, and what’s linked to from there, as well as perusing the other API endpoints. As far as I can tell, these “quotes” are not represented in the API at all. Even the `body` of the comment object doesn’t include anything about the quote, it just says “#crm Testing adding notes to the CRM, please ignore!”.

Is it the case that quotes aren’t represented in the API? Is there any way I can access this data programmaticly?

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Hi James - you’re correct in stating that these quotes aren’t directly represented in the API; comments aren’t differentiated between comments and quoted comments, but are differentiated between teammate mentions and normal comments. I would suggest you submit a feature request to differentiate or indicate when comment has a highlighted message component at, and that way you’ll be notified if this is ever implemented in Front!

Thank you Raymond!