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  • 24 March 2023
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We have a custom channel. In that channel there are conversations, threaded by a custom hash (all messages in the conversation have the same `thread_ref` in metadata). Typical conversation has 3 participants:


I have a conversation ID, and based on that I need to get all conversation participants.

How do I get all the participants?


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Currently, retrieving a full list of recipients for any conversation via the CoreAPI requires listing the conversation’s messages:

Each message in that list contains a recipients array.  Combining all recipients arrays into a single Set will provide all contacts in the conversation.  You can use author_id on those messages to find teammate participants.

I would advise against using the Get Conversation Followers endpoint because teammates can mute conversations after participating.  After muting, teammates won’t appear in this list.

I recommend that you submit a Product Idea to our Product team for a List Conversation Recipients endpoint to see if this is something we can support in the future.


I would like to see this, too.

Product idea submitted!