Front reporting metrics definitions: New conversations, archived conversation

  • 14 May 2024
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Hi! I am trying to re-create metrics for our own reporting in Tableau but I have a hard time with new and archived conversations. I went through the documentation, and timezone differences are excluded as an error too.

New conversations: (
I set new_conversation attribute to true (I assume it’s a flag) and excluded conversations without message_id
I still get less than in the front overview report

Archived conversation:
For this, I couldn’t find a flag, so I wrote a query in Snowflake. If the last ‘type’ is archived or snoozed, then I counted the conversation ID.

max_message_date = message_date 

and type in (‘archived’,’snoozed’)

Here, first i used a timestamp but then used a date instead.
I can’t match the values, so any help is appreciated.


I can’t 100% match the time metrics either; I get slightly less, especially if I add the business hours flag. (But it’s minor compared to the above.)

Thank you!

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Something that’s important to note about most of Front’s analytics reports is that we often measure Conversation Segments, not just Conversations. So depending on the timeframe of your report, it’s feasible that a single conversation might be counted multiple times in a report if it has multiple qualifying segments. (Note; both the metrics you shared are counted by Segment.)


It may be most appropriate here to share some specifics privately with the Front support team (contact us here) - we can take a look at screenshots and try to identify specifics about why some items may/not be counted.