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  • 3 March 2023
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I need to know if I can connect Front to the Mulesoft application.

The goal is to automatically send 100% of the documents received in Front, regardless of the channel, to Mulesoft, so that we can then read them and connect them to our Home Made CRM (possible from Mulesoft)

Outlook can receive the mails, and send them to Mulesoft, but:

  • I don't use Outlook of course
  • Front receives a lot of What's App too, that's why the sending has to be done between Front and Mulesoft directly

Thanks for your help!




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Hi Jérémie,

Front does not have a native MuleSoft integration (I’m not aware of this is something MuleSoft offers from their side), but it is absolutely possible to build something like this using our APIs. 

Assuming you’re receiving your documents in Front as attachments, it should be as simple as;

  1. Creating a Rule in Front which triggers on inbound messages, where the message contains an attachment (this works for all message types; email, WhatsApp, etc)
  2. Have the rule perform a Send to Webhook action
  3. You’ll need to write some custom code to catch these payloads sent to your webhook; you should be able to handle these messages, fetch the attachments from the message via Front’s API (the Download Attachment endpoint), then push those messages into your CRM / MuleSoft using the appropriate APIs. 

I hope this helps!


It helps a lot, thanks very much !

Thanks Jason, i appreciat !

All the best,