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  • 17 January 2024
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We just plugged in Fivetran<> Front connector, and I'm checking out the schema.
Not spotting any SLA data in the tables – kinda scratching my head here.

I'm aiming to mirror that SLAs view in front analytics – , messages with SLAs, SLA breaches, % of SLA achievement, SLA breach time,
Also would like to replicate those summary metrics for each conversation (interactions, messages sent, messages received, etc) but  can't seem to get convos to add up by conversation_ID using the messages table.

 Can u pls guide me here with these 2 points?



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Hi Javier!

While this data is not available in Fivetran’s schema, this information is able to be requested via API. With Front’s Analytics endpoints you can create a report or export to fetch these SLA metrics. The received payload could be ingested into Fivetran as you see best fit. 

Additionally, attempting to recreate the summary metrics outside of Front can be difficult due to each metrics definition and formula to determine their value. For a more in-depth look at how a particular metric is defined, I would recommend visiting our Analytics Glossary. This could aid in your attempt to recreate some of these metrics. 


Hi Justin!
Ok we will move forward with an API request to retrieve this data. Thank you for your fast reply.