Expanded Hubspot functionality. Create a deal with more options

  • 16 February 2023
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I am new to development and was wondering if anyone has made a SDK to connects Front to Hubspot?

Ideally, we would want to make a plug in that would give us more options when creating a deal in Hubspot from the sidebar of Front.

Any assistance on how to get started? Our first thought was Retool


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Hi there,


It sounds like the Hubspot integration available on the App Store isn’t enough, and you’re looking to build your own.


If so, developing a plugin will definitely be your best bet. We haven’t tried using Retool (would be interesting if anyone in the community has) to build a plugin, but looking at their website, they work with Javascript, so that should be compatible with the Plugin SDK.

You can also try using our Front UI Kit to help save you time designing the components. This is what we normally recommend to developers who will be building with React/JavaScript.

Hope that helps get you started. Please post any and all other questions you have as you build out your integration!