Dynamic objects with conditions

  • 25 October 2023
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Hi all,


I would love to get some advice on this requirement,

When a Front conversation is tagged with a specific tag, I want to be able to fetch some information in my CRM and depending on the results, I want to choose if the link should be added or not.

My initial idea was to do as following : 

  1. The specific tag is added to the conversation
  2. A rule is triggered to add a comment with a specific format
  3. A Dynamic object (former context links) rule will be triggered based on the matching text in the comments
  4. A specific information is fetched from ou CRM
  5. Depending on the results, I choose to add the link or not (or alternatively I update a conversation custom field which will trigger a new rule...)

It seems to me that we can’t add any conditions logic inside the dynamic object setup, would anyone have a workaround idea ?

I also tried to update a conversation custom field from a dynamic object fetch information result, but again, this doesn’t seem possible

2 replies

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Justin here with the support engineering team 👋

Based on what you have shared, I would like to suggest Front’s Plugin SDK

A plugin is a small web application that can communicate with Front using a Javascript SDK. It allows you to extend the Front UI with new features, making it possible to connect it with other tools you use and optimize the workflow of your team. Plugins display in the integration sidebar or in the Front message composer.

From the workflow you have described, I would suggest building a plugin and utilizing the Context API to determine if you want to fetch data from your external systems to reflect in the plugin sidebar. This would allow you to build out logic on your own end to determine if the conversation meets requirements (tag, link, etc.) to fetch the CRM data you’ve described. This requested data could then be shown in the plugin as well for your company’s teammates. 



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@make Another option might be to build a dynamic object handler. This could let you control the data the dynamic object sends back to Front based on more advanced logic than simply fetching data or linking to a URL.