CRM / VoIP integration advice

  • 16 January 2023
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Do you have recommendations on how one would integrate the following: 


  • CRM
  • Phone System


Any advice here would be greatly appreciated! 


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3 replies

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You will likely want to use our Accounts and Contacts API endpoints to sync contacts back-and-forth between Front & the CRM.

Additionally, you might want to build a custom plugin to view CRM data in Front.



Phone system

If you want to make/receive calls in Front, this will need to be a custom plugin ( )

If you want to receive call logs in Front (like the Aircall channel), you should build a custom channel ( )




Do you have an example of a custom channel that simply Imports call logs from a voip platform that is NOT in the native Voip library? Thanks Brandon 

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Hi Brandon, 

While we do not have any sample code for this specifically, we do have our partner channel template. Please note that this is technically an application channel and not a custom channel by Front’s definition. 

To see an overview on the two you can view this here:

With the Channels API (application channels only), a new channel type will display in the “Add a Channel” menu for your team, or for all Front teams if you apply to publish your app, along with the other channels that come out of the box with Front. Teams can then send and receive messages over that channel with all the collaboration, automation, and integration Front offers.

Hopefully this helps clarify some additional options for your team.