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  • 12 April 2023
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It has been a bit of a painpoint for us for a long time that rules cannot be built to somehow react values which are within attachments (IF attachment contains {} THEN add tag {random tag} etc).

It’s really often that the critical data is there, in that .xlsx or .pdf file and this situation come in almost hourly basis nowdays.
And I mean, technically it should be possible since search in Front does also show values/results which are within attachments.

Since building rules is not possible (yet, hopefully), I’d be happy to build this kind of functionality to our own plugin myself, if there would be a way to do it somehow. It seems that SDK doesn’t have this, so are there any other ways?


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Hi Mika,

You’re right - Front does not currently support the ability to have rules filter on the content of attachments. 

Our integration with Upbrains may help in some cases, as they can help extract the content of attachments into comments (which could be filtered on in rules). 

If you are looking to build support for this use case yourself, the Plugin SDK does have a method available to help you access attachments on messages → downloadAttachment(). So on a teammate viewing the conversation while your plugin is open, you can automatically fetch the attachments, parse them in your plugin app, and use the Core API or Plugin SDK to apply any updates (tags, custom fields, etc) to the conversation as needed.

Alternatively, you can create rules which trigger on Inbound message where the message contains attachments of certain kinds, then perform a “send to webhook” action, and have your webhook follow the same steps as above.