Create a new internal discussion draft?

  • 22 March 2023
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From reading the documentation, it seems clear that the Context API can create new email drafts thought context.createDraft, I can get this to work in a very neat way. However, is this all that the Context API can do when it comes to creating new drafts?

I see no info on creating a new internal discussion ( or comment in a thread via the Context API. Which seems like something that should fit inside the scope of the current context? 

Instead I have found that the Core API does have the endpoint for creating comments and drafts (emails). However, I still can’t find any info of creating a new internal discussion draft? 

It also seems like a little bit of a workaround to use the Context API to create a new email draft, Core API to create a new comment. Did I get this right or have I missed something here? 


TL;DR question(s): 

1. Is it possible to create a new internal discussion drafts via any of the APIs? 

2. Can the context API only create new email drafts, or can it also create comments or discussions? 


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Right now the Context API does only allow for creating draft messages (but please feel free to submit a Product Idea to our Product team to see if this is something we can support in the future.)


It is currently not possible to create Comment or Discussion drafts via the API; it’s only possible to create+send the comment / discussion message. (Note; the Create Discussion endpoint is, but as mentioned, this endpoint sends the discussion message, it does not allow drafting only.)


Thanks for the good info jason, most helpful! 

CoreAPI it is then, I think that one can, for now, get around the discussion draft issue by simply sending the discussion to oneself, at least in my use case.